M2 Release Notes, ver. 010106F0

Release Data

  • Firmware release:   0x010106F0
  • Hardware revision:   2.2
  • Release date:           March 1, 2012

New Tag Support

  • MIFARE Ultralight C full support 
  • MIFARE Mini 
  • Verayo M1HW and M4H 
  • Kovio 2K Infineon 
  • SRF55V01P 
  • SRF55V02P/S 
  • SRF55V10P/S
  •  Infineon SLE55R01 
  • SLE55R04
  • SLE55R08 
  • SLE55R16

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an auto-detect bug that was reporting phantom tags.
  •  I2C host interface startup problem is fixed. 
  • The host interface was previously only changing to I2C when the system parameter was changed and not when the default system parameter was set to I2C on startup. 
  • Fixed a USB HID packet issue. 
  • Fixed a 14443A inventory loop issue that was failing to recognize all tags. 
  • Fixed a 15693 anti-collision bug that caused tags sharing more than 1 significant digit starting with the LSB to not be recognized.