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M9 - Skyetek Protocol V3    Details vv31M04/18/2013 Download
M9 Tag Support Matrix    Details v209K11/28/2012 Download
M9 Brochure    Details v605K02/01/2017 Download
M9 User Guide    Details v2M04/18/2014 Download

Firmware Releases

M9 - Firmware version 090100D7   090100D7114K02/01/2017 Download

Application Notes

M9 - Using Alien Higgs 3 Tags    Details v354K10/03/2012 Download
M9 - Reader Commands    Details v223K10/12/2012 Download
M9 - NXP G2 Custom Commands    Details v381K10/03/2013 Download
M9 - UHF Tag Commands    Details v923K11/26/2012 Download

CAD Models and Drawings

M9-CF STEP Model   83K02/01/2017 Download
M9-CF Solidworks Model   224K02/01/2017 Download
M9-MH STEP Model   59K02/01/2017 Download
M9-MH Solidworks Model   171K02/01/2017 Download
M9-MH Mechanical Drawing    Details v28K02/01/2017 Download

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