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Name Version File Size Release Date  


M6e Module Family Hardware Guide    Details v 3M 06/01/2017 Download


M6e USB Driver    Details v 5K 03/01/2016 Download
M6e Firmware v1.23.1    v1.23.1 189K 10/07/2019 Download
M6e Firmware Release Notes v1.23.1 v10    v1.23.1 1M 10/07/2019 Download


M6E Declaration of Conformity    214K Download
Industry Canada Certificate of Acceptance    121K 05/01/2019 Download
FCC (M6e)    69K Download
FCC (M6e-a)    71K Download
Japan Radio Certificate    Rev 1 1M 10/10/2019 Download


M6e Firmware v1.23.0    v1.23.0 192K 11/26/2018 Download

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