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Mercury API v1.27.3 Programmers Guide    Details vv1.27.3598K03/01/2016 Download
Autonomous Configuration Tool v1.2 User Guide.    Details vv1.2402K03/01/2016 Download
Mercury OS Advanced User Guide   408K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API 1.1.1 Release Notes   222K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API Demo Executables   1M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API 1.1.1   3M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API   5M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API   7M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API   7M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API M6 Pinwheel   5M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API v1.1 Programmer Guide   1M04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API 1.11 Programmer Guide   710K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API 1.7 Programmer Guide   626K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury API 1.9 Programmer Guide   519K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury OS 2.4.25 Release Notes   137K04/15/2013 Download
Mercury OS API Guide   721K04/15/2013 Download
Release Notes for Mercury API 1.11.1   72K04/15/2013 Download


Mercury API SDK v1.29.4    Details vv1.29.409/01/2017
Autonomous Configuration Tool SDK v1.2.1 from API 1.29.4    Details vv1.2.113M09/01/2017 Download
LLRP Extensions for LLRP Commander v4.19.2    Details vv4.19.2433K11/01/2017 Download
MercuryAPI v1.29.4 Release Notes    Details vv1.29.41M09/01/2017 Download
Download Firmware License & Warranty Agreement    Details v186K02/14/2018 Download

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