At this moment, Windows 8 PCs can only update the Nova firmware via Serial COM port. If you do not wish to use a COM port, the Nova can be updated over USB on Windows 7 and Vista without issue 

Download the attached SHF file below and update your module using the latest version of SkyeWare over Serial or USB.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Keyboard Wedge not reading TIDs correctly
  • Reduced RF output noise.
  • Fixed issues with module not using  assigned ReaderID
    • Your Nova will not function correctly in SkyeWare PC software if its ReaderID isn’t 0xFFFFFFF. Set your reader back to this ID if you need to test further with SkyeWare before using your own software.
  • Updated Tag-memory write algorithm to improve performance with certain tags and eliminated unwanted memory writes.