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What size screws should I use for the M9-MH (or M2-MH) Mounting Holes?    Details v02/01/2017
M1-Mini v6.2 compared to v6.1    Details v08/01/2013
Is there an easy way to improve the tag memory read and write performance on my Gemini module?    Details v02/01/2017
How can I see my old support tickets?    Details v02/08/2018
Why use an RFID module instead of an RFID transceiver chip?    Details v02/01/2017
Why does ASCII mode take twice as many bytes as binary mode?    Details v02/14/2018
For Class 1 Gen 2 tag anti-collision, can I set the Q parameter?    Details v02/01/2017
What are the interface board jumper settings for the M10?    Details v02/01/2017
Why are some of the radio configurations in SkyeWare grayed out and fixed (can't change it)?    Details v02/01/2017
For a Gen2 tag, can I use a kill password of 0x00000000?    Details v02/01/2017
How do I turn off frequency hopping?    Details v02/08/2018
What are the host interface board jumper settings (excluding M10)?    Details v02/06/2018
The M1/M1-Mini works fine with the RS-232 and TTL interface as I received it. How do I change the host interface so I can use SPI or I2C?    Details v02/01/2017
Is there a way to increase the output power of the M1/M1-Mini?    Details v02/08/2018
Is there a way to connect multiple M1's/Minis on a single communication bus?    Details v02/01/2017
How do I communicate with the module using my serial port (TX and RX pins)?    Details v02/01/2017
How do I initialize the user port with the M1 before using GPIO's?    Details v02/08/2018
Can I change a tag's TID (UID)?    Details v02/07/2018
Why would I want to use an RFID module?    Details v02/02/2017
What is a module?    Details v02/01/2017
What is the return policy?    Details v02/01/2017
What tags do SkyeTek readers support?    Details v02/01/2017
Can I read more than one tag at a time?    Details v02/01/2017
Can SkyeTek products read and write tag memory?    Details v02/08/2018
Can I buy tags from SkyeTek?    Details v02/01/2017
What do you mean by "host system?"    Details v02/01/2017
Is there an SDK available?    Details v02/01/2017
What are some common applications of RFID?    Details v02/01/2017
What is NFC and do you support it?    Details v02/01/2017
What is the difference between HF and UHF?    Details v02/01/2017
Can I upgrade reader firmware in the field?    Details v02/01/2017
What host interfaces do your readers support?    Details v02/01/2017
What software is available for your products?    Details v02/01/2017
What are the part #'s for the MH connector on the SkyeModules and the mating connector?    Details v02/01/2017
How can I calculate the CRC?   02/01/2017 More Info
Why does the module lose my configuration changes when I power cycle it?    Details v02/01/2017
How do I connect to my module directly without using the interface board?   02/01/2017 More Info
Which communication mode is better ASCII or binary?    Details v02/01/2017


SkyeWare 4 not communicating via a USB-serial adapter    Details v02/01/2017
The M1 is connected and communication between the reader and host is fine, however, the reader is unable to find a tag. Why?    Details v02/13/2018
I am encountering an error every time I try to run the skyeware.exe program file. I keep getting a pop-up that says, "Component 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid".    Details v02/01/2017
I am not able to communicate via the USB host interface.    Details v02/01/2017
I am not able to communicate via the RS-232 (serial) host interface?    Details v02/01/2017

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