To configure an application:

  1. Select the access key number from the Key pull down menu.
  2. Type the application’s authentication key into the Authenticate field.
  3. Click on the  “Authenticate” button. This checks the key against the application key on the tag and authenticates the application if successful.
  4. (Optional) Click the “Delete” button to delete the application.
  5. (Optional) Reset the key used to access the application (Set Key area):
    1. Select the access key number from the Key pull down menu. (Use the pull-down in the Set Key area, not the one at the top of the panel.)
    2. Type the new key into the Set Key field.
    3. Click “Set”. This resets the key.
  6. (Optional) Change the application settings (Settings area):
    1. Select key number from the Access Key pull-down menu.
    2. Click on the checkboxes for any of the settings that you wish to apply to the application.
    3. Click “Apply” to write the changes to the tag.
    4. Click “Discard” to erase the changes on the screen and restore the defaults. (This changes the display only and does not affect the application.)
  7. (Optional) Create a new application file (Create File area):
    1. Enter the one-byte file ID.
    2. Select the file type from the pull-down menu.
    3. Enter the file size in bytes.
    4. Click “Create” to create the file. The file appears in the Files list on the left side panel when you select this application in the Applications list.