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The Anti-Collision demonstration lets you test how well your SkyeModule reader selects multiple tags in different modes: and reader settings. 

  1. Set the optional parameters:
    1. Choose a tag type from the Tag Type pull-down menu. (Specifying the specific type of the tags you will use increases performance.)
    2. Choose “Inventory” (performs one-time selection for each tag) or “Inventory with Loop Flag” (performs multiple selections) from the Select Type pull-down menu.
    3. For M2 and M4 readers, use the arrows in the Software Loops field (not shown) to increase or decrease the number of detection loops.
    4. For M7 and M9 readers, adjust the radio controls to custom tune the reader to your environment.
    5. For EPC Class 1 Gen 2 tags, you can also specify the number of Command Retries. Enter the number of tags you will place in the field. SkyeWare automatically sets a recommended Command Retries value.
(Changes to radio parameters or Command Retries settings take effect while the test is running or when you click on the “Start” button.)
  1. Hold multiple tags in the detection field.
  2. Click on the  “Start” button. The reader detects the tags and displays the selection time for each. If you selected “Inventory with Loop Flag,” the selection continues for the number of software loops specified.
  3. Click on “Stop” if you selected Inventory with Loop Flag.
  4. Repeat the process as desired to test different groups of tags and reader settings and note how reader  adjustments affect the inventory. 

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