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The Secure Memory demonstration lets you read and write memory to the tag securely using encryption and hashing. This demonstration requires a compatible tag. To enable secure memory:

  1. Select a Cipher and HMAC algorithm from the pull-down menus.
  2. Enter a value in the Key field.
  3. Click on the  “Initialize” button. This sets up the tag to use the security algorithms and keys you just selected.
  4. (Optional) Click  “Read” to read memory contents.
  5. (Optional) Change memory contents directly:
    1. Typing new memory values into the Bin, Hex, or String fields. (Consult the tag manufacturer’s tag specifications to determine which blocks are editable.)
    2. Click  “Write” to write the new values to the tag.
  6. (Optional) Save tag memory to a file:
    1. Click “Save” to open a file manager window.
    2. Select or create a file to which the encrypted tag memory will be saved.  You can reload the file contents into tag memory using the “Load” button.
  7. (Optional) Load memory from a previously saved file:
    1. Click “Load” to open a file manager window.
    2. Select a file. You may load and save memory to a file using the “Load” and “Save” buttons.


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