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C# Example - Nova Antenna Muxing and Select Tag Looping    07/01/2016 More Info
SkyeWedge Legacy C# Wrapper Source Code Example    Details v 869K 07/01/2016 Download
SkyeTek Native C API for Linux    Details v 194K 04/18/2018 Download
API Developer Guide    Details v 2M 07/19/2018 Download
SkyeTek Native C API for Windows    Details v 343K 04/18/2018 Download
SkyeTek C# Port    Details v 03/01/2017 More Info

Software Downloads

SkyeWedge PC Software (2015)    Details v 01/01/2015
SkyeTek CRC Generator Code    Details v 613K 02/01/2017 Download
SkyeTek CRC Generator Executable Application    Details v 126K 02/01/2017 Download
Skyeware V4 Installer    Details v 25M 04/18/2018 Download
SkyeReader Console    Details v 4M 02/01/2017 Download
Skyeware for M1/M1-Mini    Details v 9M 02/01/2017 Download
SkyeTek C API for Linux    194K 04/18/2018 Download
SkyeTek C API for Windows    343K 04/18/2018 Download
TM Reader Firmware    19M 04/23/2018 Download

Documentation & Release Notes

Skyeware Protocol V3 Reference Guide    04232018
ThingMagic Skyeware v4.3.0 Release Notes v21    352K 04/23/2018 Download

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