Firmware and Release Notes Update for ThingMagic Sargas, M6e 4-Port, Micro 2-Port, and Nano 1-Port



Sargas, M6e 4-Port, Micro 2-Port, and Nano 1-Port Firmware and Release Notes Update


SYRACUSE, N.Y. November 1, 2017 -We are pleased to announce the availability of firmware upgrades for the following families of UHF RFID modules:

• Sargas (Firmware Version 5.1.5) & RAINstream optional, licensed on-reader application
• M6e 4-Port Modules (Firmware Version 1.21.2)
• Micro 2-Port Modules (Firmware Version 1.9.1)
• Nano 1-Port module (Firmware Version 1.7.3)
All new features are supported by version 1.29.4 of our MercuryAPI, which allows modules to be controlled by embedded processors, desktop PCs or mobile devices.


RAINstream, an optional, licensed on-reader application that simplifies data integration and enables integration of the reader into existing systems is now available for the Sargas. With RAINstream, tag data can be sent to a backend processing system using any of several protocols, including TCP, HTTP POST, a serial connection, emulating a keyboard, or to a file on a USB drive. In each case, the tag data format is the same.

The Sargas Firmware V5.1.5 and Release Notes have been uploaded to the ThingMagic website, correcting several important bug fixes:
• Web User Interface (UI) displays the correct serial number in Status page and Universal Reader Assistant displays the correct value. (Ref# 5420) (Previous Firmware release did not correctly display Serial Numbers ending in “00”.)
• Users can log into Sargas with serial port after accessing RAINStream app via serial interface. (Ref #5525)
• Setting the GPO pin-2 to HIGH state has been corrected.


The new features of these firmware releases provide the following benefits:
• Support for tag features that improve tag encoding
• Support for high security tags
• Support for sensor tags
• Ability to optimize settings on-the-fly during reading
• One-step selection of 7 additional regions for easier worldwide operation
We now support emerging vendor-specific tag features that improve the speed and accuracy of tag encoding, such as Impinj’s Margin Read and NXP’s parallel encoding and tag power indication. (NXP features not supported in Nano firmware.)

We have augmented our support for RAIN Gen2V2 high security tags as new tags supporting this protocol come on the market. Adding to our full support of the NXP UCODE DNA tag, we added support for the additional security features of Acura NMV2D toll tags.

Sensor tags are becoming widely available from a variety of tag vendors, but they often need to be accessed in special ways to operate properly. We have improved our support for the custom commands necessary to control and access the AMS SL900A data-logging sensor tag. We have added a write-then-read feature which is necessary to activate the EM Micro EM4325 tag’s temperature reporting function. RF Micron has a series of passive sensor tags that report temperature or moisture levels, but they need to be sent a specific command to activate measurement before the temperature information can be read from memory. We have added a setting that controls the time between when the activation command is sent and when the sensor information is read to ensure maximum accuracy of the data.

RAIN Gen2 provides many settings to optimize tag read speed, read distance, and read accuracy, depending on the application. In applications where read conditions are likely to change, one set of values may not be optimum at all times. In a previous firmware release, we introduced the ability to change settings on-the-fly without stopping continuous reading. New in this release is the ability to have the reader report the settings in effect with each tag read, to allow the host to make better choices.

Many regions of the world have adopted regulations that are very similar to that of North America, but differ in the frequency band that is allowed to be used. To optimize the placement and number of channels in these narrower bands, we have created individual regions for the most challenging regions, including: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, and Russia.

At JADAK, we are committed to delivering market-leading, technically adept products to our partners. As technical features are added or updated, we will email you a notification.


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