Events & Admissions

With the growing use of smart phones and the use of e-tickets, more applications are requiring that a barcode is displayed on a phone and scanned at an event/gate.   While reading a barcode displayed on a cell phone  provides some challenges, JADAK’s products have been optimized to provide aggressive barcode scanning on paper and cell phones.

JADAK’s barcode and RFID products are used in events and admissions to:

  • Clubs
  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Sporting events
  • And other events that require limited access and security.

RFID in Sport Events

USB readers are often applied in fast-paced, outdoor environments as part of athletic deployments. They can be used to replace the guesswork in athletic competition with structure and automation for accuracy. For example, RFID can be used for accurate time recording measures, determining winners, and providing statistics around racing sports. To protect the integrity of racing sports, companies like RFID Timing deploy RFID systems to keep track of athlete information and monitor their progress at different checkpoints throughout a race. In these types of deployments, a USB reader is used to encode and check UHF tags before they’re placed on a racer’s number prior to an event. The readers are also used to scan athletes’ tags in various locations, for instance at the point where a runner would pick up his or her race pack. Automating the process ensures an athlete’s details are correct in a timing system’s database.

UHF passive RFID is extremely popular in race timing application development due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use, scalability, and reliability. Read our Application Note, Designing Race Timing Applications Using UHF RFID Technology, for information on how to design a robust race timing system using ThingMagic RFID technology.

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