Medical, Healthcare and Life Science Solutions

JADAK is uniquely able to provide full detection and analysis solutions and service to our medical OEM customers.  We are focused on understanding your specific needs and identifying the best, right-sized solution to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our design engineers, quality control and testing procedures, and manufacturing excellence support critical medical standards (such as ISO-13485) and other medical requirements (including long product life and revision controls).  We understand medical device manufacturers.

Utilizing our imaging technologies and image analysis software, JADAK has integrated optical inspection applications technologies to perform everything from barcode scanning to lateral flow analysis, antibiotic and drug measurements, and more.

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With a strong focus on Healthcare since the company’s inception, JADAK has successfully designed, integrated and rolled-out products in almost every area of the healthcare ecosystem.  JADAK’s machine vision, RFID, barcode and printing products can be found in:

  • Admissions
  • Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMs)
  • Clinical / Laboratory
  • Clinical Analyzers
  • Drug Inventory
  • Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Inventory Systems
  • Nurse Stations (Wall Units)
  • Point-Of-Care / Barcoded Point-Of-Care (BPOC)
  • Medication Administration
  • Medical Equipment Tracking
  • Patient Monitors
  • Pharmacies
  • Surgical Rooms:
    • Anesthesia Administration
    • Surgical Devices
    • Surgical Kits
    • Surgical Part Tracking Systems
  • Workstation-On-Wheels (WOWs)

Market Leadership

Further evidence of JADAK’s healthcare market leadership:

  • #1 Embedded Vision solutions for Clinical Devices
  • #1 Market Leader in Infusion Systems, Vital Signs Monitors, Portable Glucose Meters, Portable Glucose Analyzers, and healthcare RFID products
  • #1 Supplier of Cameras and Imagining Engines to healthcare OEM market, and Scanners for Patient Monitors, Ultrasounds, and Infusion Pumps
  • Recognized expert in color measurement

RFID Solutions

JADAK also offers RFID solutions that enable the rapid and precise measurement of almost every operation in the healthcare setting — from counting and verifying the number of items in each surgical tray to understanding the calculus of human behavior in hygiene compliance. RFID offers hospitals low cost, easy to deploy benefits, whether for a small number of critical areas or entire departments. The ability to embed RFID into mobile and stationary devices allows hospitals to benefit from patient-centric applications, such as point-of-care solutions and services, automated pharmaceutical receipt and distribution, ADT, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications.

ThingMagic, JADAK’s line of Fixed and Embedded UHF RFID Readers, have been selected for many healthcare applications, including:

  • Choke Point Asset Identification and Management
  • Operating Room Loss Prevention
  • Surgical Tray and Instrument Track-and-Trace
  • Pharmaceutical Access and Inventory Control
  • Integration into Medical Carts & Cabinets
  • Patient Tracking/Throughput
  • Document Management

Healthcare environment errors can affect not only a business, but an individual’s health and well-being. A recent deployment by XECAN, a leading provider of smart RFID systems for healthcare, attaches ThingMagic USB readers to the desktop PCs in hospital exam rooms. Doctors can then scan their badge upon greeting a patient and have immediate access to that patient’s profile in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The time saved allows doctors more time to see patients and focus on care, letting the technology handle logistics. The entire process becomes more efficient and accurate, reducing potential errors and, in turn, lowering costs for patients, healthcare providers and insurers. And it involves employees simply touching their IDs to a desktop USB RFID reader.


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