Introducing the HS-1R Handheld RFID and Barcode Scanner

JADAK engineer Todd Pelegrino introduces the newest handheld RFID and Barcode scanner from JADAK. Ideally suited for healthcare, the HS-1R combines high-end performance and quality with an ergonomic, compact size. The flexpoint HS-1R from JADAK integrates 1D and 2D barcode scanning with HF RFID reading and writing functionality.

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Introduction to the HS-1R, Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader and Writer 

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This is Todd Pellegrino from JADAK. I’m here to introduce you to JADAK’s newest and most powerful handheld scanner, the flexpoint HS-1R. The HS-1R integrates 1D and 2D barcode scanning with RFID reading and writing functionality.

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These dual technologies make the HS-1R a perfect solution for a wide variety of data collection needs found in today’s healthcare applications.

Because the HS-1R is an imager-based scanner, it will remain compatible with all current and future barcodes including linear and 2D. This imaging technology also provides improved scanning performance on damaged or poorly generated barcodes.

Based on the same design as JADAK’s HS-1M, the HS-1R provides an ergonomic form factor specifically designed for comfort and performance for today’s medical technicians. Manufactured with medical grade materials and rated IP54, the HS-1R is also built to withstand cleaning using tough solvents and solutions typically found in healthcare environments.

Like all JADAK handhelds, the HS-1R can also be produced to match specific product or corporate colors and has the ability to be imprinted with brand identities or markings.

To benefit compliance with patient’s 5 rights adherence, help reduce medical errors, increase workflow and improve patient satisfaction, the HS-1R provides clear, accurate, real-time user feedback. It’s safety feedback system uses programmable sound, light and vibration features that provide strong communication inside the hectic healthcare environment.

The use of Barcode in medical applications is well established. JADAK has been an industry leader in helping OEM medical m anufacturers integrate barcode into their products. RFID is also an established data technology but it is only recently that it has begun to be incorporated as a data solution for healthcare applications.

With the advantage of read and write capabilities and without the requirement of line-of-sight access, RFID is poised to become a major data format for medical applications. JADAK has extensive RFID experience, products and technologies that are designed to help OEMs manufacturer integrate this powerful platform.

A few samples of specific RFID medical applications for which the HS-1R is optimally aligned include…

  • Medical ID badges that contain Barcode and/or RFID data content to allow access or to track employee activity.
  • Medical patient wristbands with Barcode and/or RFID content which can be used to provide patient information and allow updating of content.
  • Medical consumables such as Reagents or Pharmaceuticals to track usage, inventory or to prevent refilling, re-use or counterfeiting.

But the HS-1R doesn’t stop there, since it contains imaging technology. Imaging used for barcode reading can also provide an extremely powerful capability known as Machine Vision. Machine Vision is a versatile capacity that can add powerful functionality to an OEM Medical Device. JADAK is far and away the leading developer of unique machine vision solutions designed to add significant value.

Examples of JADAK’s Machine Vision functionality include…

  • Pill counting, a crucial and time consuming pharmaceutical process highly susceptible to human error. Machine vision precision can significantly optimize this process and reduce errors as well.
  • Pupil dilation measurement. For EMT, Triage or Emergency Room treatment, the measurement of a patient’s pupils are a common evaluation process. Machine vision can provide a quick, accurate and recorded version.
  • In analytical testing, machine vision can not only read the barcode but also identify and analyze other crucial pieces of information. Information such as… Missing labels, Missing Test Tubes, Damaged barcodes and labels and Missing caps to illustrate just a few.

If you’d like to see an HS-1R in action or have questions about Medical Barcode, RFID or Machine Vision applications in general, call JADAK today to speak with one of our representatives. Or better yet schedule a free JADAK tech day at your company? One of our JADAK engineer associates can come to you and answer all your questions and demonstrate the HS-1R or any other JADAK solution you might be interested in.

I’m Todd Pellegrino … thanks for watching.


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