JADAK VIDEO: ThingMagic RAINStream – Simplifying RFID Integration into Existing Systems

This video explains ThingMagic’s RAINStream UHF RFID application that streamlines data transfer and simplifies the integration of the ThingMagic RAIN UHF RFID reader into existing systems.

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Below is the video transcript.

ThingMagic RAINStream

The IOT or  the Internet of things

Chances are you’ve heard this term and may already be well versed in it’s meaning.

Basically it’s the idea that there is an ever growing network of connected products, devices, objects, or “things” in todays world which have various capabilities to collect and exchange information.

There are hundreds of different ways in which this is accomplished, none of which are more impactful or powerful than RFID

RFID uses small tags attached to an object or surface and it acts like a small hard drive, capable of data being read and written to it.

Billions of these tags exist today with countless more added daily

Each is another “thing” on the I.O.T. and it can all seem a bit overwhelming.

RAINStream by ThingMagic is an optional “on-reader” application that simplifies the Integration of RFID into existing enterprise or other data driven systems

The advantage to RAINStream is that it facilitates the direct transfer of data to backend systems through several alternative protocols

A ThingMagic UHF RFID Reader running RAINStream can connect to the IOT via Serial Communication.

HID Communication

Or through the cloud using HTTP Post or TCP

All from a single ThingMagic UHF Reader

Whether you have a single requirement needing protocol flexibility or hundreds of requirements each with a different protocol need.

RainStreams protocol flexibility eliminates the need for any additional host or server software.

This saves time and money

ThingMagic’s Sargas is a RAINStream compatible Fixed Mount UHF RAIN RFID Reader designed for In-Vehicle, Warehouse/Logistical and Sheltered Outdoor applications.

Small, High performance with an on-board processor, memory and removable flash drive, the Read/Write capable SARGAS UHF Reader is the perfect platform for RAINStream.

Visit JADAKtech.com for more information on RAINStream, the Sargas Reader and more ThingMagic RFID solutions, Barcode and Machine Vision Solutions and expertise.


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