JADAK VIDEO: What is Machine Vision?

An Information video on the basics of machine vision. JADAK is an industry leader in providing powerful OEM machine vision solutions and software for Medical Device Manufacturers.

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Below is the video transcript.

What is Machine Vision?…

To start let’s talk for a second about our vision, human vision. For the purpose of this conversation, let’s break down what we see into 2 basic categories…

One category contains objects, visuals or graphics that were designed by humans to be looked at and to communicate specific information to other humans. This can be anything from a simple graphic or symbol, to the complexities of a fine art painting through to the sophisticated alphanumeric systems that man has created and perfected to communicate our most complicated thoughts and ideas. Humans have developed a vast array of visual forms and systems for the purpose of communication.

The other category is just about everything else we look at that is part of our world and universe. But this is also all about communication, when we look at anything we consciously or unconsciously analyze what we are looking at. Does it look warm out today? How many people ahead of me in line? Do I see much traffic? Does that apple look ripe?

Machine Vision can also be broken down into 2 almost identical categories…

Visual systems that are specially designed for analysis by machines or more specifically some type of computer system. This would include barcodes, specialized symbol systems or optical character recognition fonts such as OCR-A and B. The purpose of these machine specific systems is the same as the human version, to be able to very quickly and accurately communicate particular data or information to the intended audience, in this case a machine.

Enabling machines to visually analyze other parts and pieces of the world is where the most creative and sophisticated forms of machine vision engineering are being developed and JADAK is an industry leader in this engineering science.

At its core, engineering is the act of observation. When a piece of visual data is required, the engineering process breaks down the visual event to the processes involved and then identifies mechanical and analytical processes that can be used to recreate it. These actions become the machine vision modules which when combined and executed in specific order, result in the acquisition of the desired data.

Leveraging many years of machine vision experience in the healthcare field, JADAK has developed a medical machine vision toolbox called Clarity. With a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), Clarity controls basic machine vision function modules using JADAK smart cameras.

Clarity’s machine vision modules include:


As the name implies, identically shaped objects or “blobs” are indentified and counted.

Pattern Match

Searches for a match in terms of brightness, contrast, size and shape with regards to pixel location and levels or search for an exact match defined by an edge of a shape.


Detects a presence or absence of a feature in an image by looking at pixel thresholds, average brightness values or high contrast edge pixels within the set ROI.


1D or 2D barcode, you can use this plug-in to decode these barcodes


The Finder plug-in can be used to search for (vertical) lines, corners and circles in an image.


The function of this plug-in is to measure the distance in pixels between two PREVIOUS modules.

Color Detection

Acquired color images allow the color detection module to specifically identify targeted colors within that image

 If you would like more information on Clarity or JADAK’s capabilities to provide any other solutions to your specific machine vision needs, reach out to us at the contact shown.

This is Mark Waterman, Director of Design at JADAK saying, thanks for watching.




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