JADAK Zone of Difference Video

JADAK is redefining data collection within the healthcare market

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JADAK Zone of Difference

An video insight on the unique platform based development process from JADAK… 

Below is the video transcript.

Greetings, this is Mark Waterman, Director of Design here at JADAK…

The intent of this video is to illustrate JADAK’s unique system of development for a wide range of healthcare data collection solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers. This system is founded on 2 base technologies…

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The first is RFID or Radio-frequency identification. The second is imaging which really boils down to the process of taking a picture, a series of pictures or video.

These two base technologies are developed into what JADAK refers to as product platforms. Product platforms are pre-engineered to contain specific data collection capabilities but are also designed to allow modifications with additional features or capabilities depending on the customers needs. JADAK’s product platforms streamline the development process, which in turn reduces cost of the final product. There are two categories of product platforms…

The first platform category is embedded solutions. These solutions contain platforms which are embedded or built into an OEM manufacture’s device or product. These are often in the form factor of a fixed mounted imager or RFID reader.

The second platform category is handheld devices. This category contains all end-user handheld platforms that are typically used in point-of-care situations. Healthcare caregivers such Doctors, nurses and other technicians are the intended users of these handheld device platforms.

It’s from here that JADAK is uniquely separated from other healthcare data collection companies. It’s really what JADAK can do with these platforms and technologies, and simply put, we do more than anyone else.


A significant use of imaging in healthcare is the reading and processing of barcodes. JADAK has created solutions that cover every application and utilization of barcode in the healthcare market. From 1d to 2D, to proprietary based barcodes if needed, JADAK has done it. A few of these barcode applications include…

– Pharmaceutical Tracking and Patient 5 rights Adherence.

– 1D and 2D Patient Identification.

– Barcode based turn-key Pharmaceutical Tracking systems.

– Direct Part Marking scanning and processing.

– UDI Adherence and systems.

– Identification reading and data confirmation.


The next application is RFID. Although not as widely embraced as barcode is in healthcare, RFID is a rapidly growing technology that is having more and more impact. JADAK has been involved with RFID for many years and has several product platform solutions ready for any current or future RFID application. These include…

– Pharmaceutical RFID/EPC Network Identification and Inventory control.

– RFID Based sterilization tracking and control.

– Passive and Active RFID Healthcare applications.

– Embedded RFID Identification and Tracking.


The last and most impactful application is Machine vision. JADAK uses Machine Vision to help differentiate a company’s product from the competitions. It’s often that a machine vision feature or function adds such distinct value that it upsets the market in favor of that customer. A few of the machine vision applications JADAK has developed for healthcare include…

– Analytical Test tube Inspection, this includes Cap presence and color, Cap style, type, and size, Tube diameter and length, Defective or missing barcodes and special graphics or character detection

– Pill Identification and counting, this includes the shape, color or unique branding or coding.

– Pupil Dilation Measurement, typically for, emergency or triage diagnosis.

– Anti-counterfeiting solutions, within healthcare specific to pharmaceuticals it’s a enormous and growing problem and has cost people their lives.

– Test tube and bottle label stitching, a patented JADAK process where the container is rotated and image sequenced. These Images are “stitched” together to reveal the complete barcode previously hidden from the cameras view.

– Laceration or wound measurement, an application for general, emergency or triage diagnosis,

– Clarity Machine Vision Software, an intuitive and powerful machine vision application intended for general market use.


To learn more about JADAK, it’s product platforms, technologies, services and manufacturing capabilities, visit our web site at jadaktech.com or call us today at 888-388-0490

This is Mark Waterman saying goodbye and thanks for watching…


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