Medical Machine Vision: Increasing Productivity while Reducing Errors

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In this video JADAK’s Medical Machine Vision capabilities are showcased around clinical analyzer applications but the discussion migrates into broader medical application possibilities. See some exciting new areas JADAK is poised to bring their vision technologies to.

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JADAK’s Medical Machine Vision, Increasing Productivity while Reducing Errors… 

Below is the video transcript.

Welcome, this is Mark Waterman, Design Director here at JADAK…

JADAK’s extensive machine vision expertise has been applied to a wide variety of medical platforms and systems for many of the world’s top medical equipment OEMS. Also known as “image analysis”, machine vision provides increased processing and throughput while at the same time reducing errors, ultimately this improves medical patient rights, treatment and overall health.

Medical OEMs are constantly looking to innovate and find new ways to set their products apart from their competitors, machine vision is often a technology that can do just that. Clinical Analyzers are a classic medical platform where machine vision can play a significant role in increasing throughput, reducing errors and streamlining the overall process. Vision technology also reduces the amount of required hardware such as sensors, brackets and cables, this can also diminish the physical size of the analyzer which of course saves money.

The reading of test tube label barcodes and symbols are the foundation of machine vision function in clinical analyzers but the 2d imagers used are capable of providing far greater inspection processes. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, JADAK’s engineers have taken that saying to a whole new level. This is especially true with clinical analyzers where it can also provide information on such crucial things as…

Whether a test tube has a cap, the cap’s color, it’s shape, it’s position and it’s size.

A test tube’s presence can be determined or if it is broken or missing, machine vision can measure the height of a test tube and confirm it’s properly seated in the analyzer for processing

Missing or poorly aligned labels can be detected and identified. JADAK’s machine vision can also detect liquid levels in test tubes, vials or reagent containers if desired.

Poorly printed, damaged or missing barcodes or symbols identified. When it comes to damaged barcodes, 2d imagers can successfully and accurately read more labels then linear barcode scanners.

As you can see, clinical analyzer applications are great candidates for medical machine vision but by no means are they alone. JADAK has the technical expertise combined with the software and hardware platforms to bring machine vision to a wide range of medical applications. Some interesting possibilities include…

Wound measurement, for EMT, point-of-care, or other triage type situations where communication of such patient information can be recorded and shared with supporting medical staff.

Pupil Dilation measurement and recording, a common analysis procedure utilized by EMT, Emergency Room and triage caregivers. Providing and sharing accurate data can improve the patients outcome.

X-ray and image analysis can kick-start or pre-screen the reading and evaluation of such important pieces of patient information.

Pill counting and shape detection, machine vision can perform these processes with speed, accuracy and the endless repetition no human is capable of.

Facial recognition and identification, whether confirming medical employee ID’s, registering new patients or hospital visitors, machine vision can speed this process and improve security performance.

Hand Analysis and identification, similar to the facial recognition process and it’s application, employees, new patients or hospital visitors can be identified.

What’s shown here is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to JADAK’s machine vision capabilities. Contact us today to discuss your data collection needs and find out yourself, what a great partner JADAK can be in helping you make your medical OEM solutions unique.



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