Label Revision for ThingMagic Products (M6e, Micro, Micro LTE and Nano)

January 22, 2018 - Embedded UHF RFID Reader Modules, News, Product News, RFID

Please be advised that the label on our products will be changing.  The new label reflects our new parent company, Novanta Corporation. The previous label reflects our former parent company, Trimble. The form, fit and function of the products has not changed. Accordingly, modules with this new label are capable of supporting the same firmware versions.

This label change may be important to you if you use a contract manufacturer. Please communicate this change to your contract manufacturer to avoid having them reject product because the label does not match the original label provided. As we transition to our new Novanta labels over the coming months, please retain both label specifications to avoid any issues. The new label specs are as follows:


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