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Light and Color Measurement Capabilities

Precise light and color measurement for optimal user experience

Photo Research, a JADAK brand, is the world leader in high-precision, research-grade light and color measurement and calibration solutions for screens, projectors, panel displays and lighting components. The gold standard within the motion picture industry since 1941, we’ve received numerous Academy Awards from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences for technical achievements. Over the years, Photo Research has made significant contributions to the field of photometry and spectroradiometry, and set many industry standards, such as Spectra Pritchard Optics, which is utilized in astronomical and star-simulation measurement and supporting standards for organizations including VESA, ISO and SAE.


Technical highlights include:

  • Color science
  • Optical system front end development
  •  Color and light theory
  • Fiber attachments, cosign, supplemental lenses, luminous adaptors, internalized VOC and other accessories can be configured for virtually any light and color measurements