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Machine Vision Engineering Capabilities

Improving accuracy and speed while minimizing errors

Machine vision is leading the charge in the world of automated inspection and analysis in both the medical and advanced industrial sectors. We’re proud to be at the leading-edge of design for so many critical applications—in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), disposable endoscopy, process control, robot guidance and more. We have one of the largest installed bases of machine vision solutions in clinical analyzers, with billions of successful reads.


Example areas of engineering expertise and past technical deliverables:

In-Vitro Diagnostics:

  • Clarity 3.0 software offers pre-programmed pre-analytical tasks
  • Embedded ARM microprocessors deliver high-speed output of results–no host CPU needed
  • High capacity embedded FPGA allows for parallel processing of time-sensitive algorithms
  • Integrated LED illumination with advanced control allows units to be placed in a pre-designed clinical analyzer


Surgical Tracking:

  • Multiple image sensors via a single FPGA enables surgical tool and patient tracking or marker detection at speeds an order of magnitude faster than software implementations
  • Dual-sensor synchronization
  • Target detection and tracking on FPGA (pattern-based tracking, IR tracking and bright-spot detection)


Surgical Visualization (Minimally Invasive Surgery/Embedded Endoscopy):

  • Optimized “camera on tip” provides high image quality, and low-cost surgical visualization, enabling disposable solutions, small-diameter imaging, and other custom probes
  • Optimized LightWise image processing
    • Automatic exposure and gain
    • High-quality color image processing pipeline
    • Gamma, saturation and other programmable image factors
    • Sensor noise reduction and dynamic range optimization
    • Configurable front-end processing module for varying cable lengths, cabling technologies and scope architectures
  • Real-time embedded image processing–no host CPU cycles needed