WHITEPAPER: Benefits of Spectroradiometry for Color Measurement

October 16, 2019 - Industry News, JADAK News, News, Spectrometers

Ensuring that today’s self-emissive technologies, whether they be information displays, LED lighting, digital projectors, etc. meet or exceed performance specifications requires precise characterization through accurate measurements.  While there are several measurement technologies available for device characterization, the most widely used instrument types for color measurements are filter colorimeters and spectroradiometers. This

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NEWS: Introducing ThingMagic RAIN Starter Kit

August 5, 2019 - News

New ThingMagic RAIN Starter Kit Provides Affordable and Accessible RAIN RFID Development Developed by JADAK in collaboration with Impinj and RAIN RFID Alliance Syracuse, N.Y. (July 30, 2019) – JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), introduces its ThingMagic RAIN Starter Kit developed in collaboration with Impinj, Inc. and the RAIN RFID

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July 25, 2019 - Blog, Embedded UHF RFID Reader Modules, Fixed Mount RFID, Handheld RFID Scanners, Integrated UHF RFID Readers, RFID, RFID Engines

As the RAIN RFID Alliance continues to ramp up its RAIN Communication Interface (RCI) guideline, users of this interface need to ensure they’re taking the necessary steps to support the guideline. JADAK has been working diligently with the RAIN RFID Alliance to understand and support the new developer-friendly interface between applications

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July 24, 2019 - Embedded Machine Vision, Fixed Mount Machine Vision, Industry News, Machine Vision, Machine Vision

In today’s fast paced, data-driven healthcare ecosystem, the need for increased throughput and reduced potential for errors is critical. When implemented, machine vision technology can significantly improve the overall performance of a medical system. Download this whitepaper to learn: • How to use machine vision to increase your overall speed

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Schedule Your VIP Technology Tour at AACC

July 1, 2019 - Machine Vision, RFID

Custom machine vision and RFID are set to transform the world of medical devices, diagnosis, and treatment. As an OEM medical manufacturer, you’re driven to develop technologies that can more accurately and efficiently diagnose patients and provide better care. Discover how our engineering knowledge and custom solutions can help you

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JADAK Showcasing New Technology at AACC Show in Anaheim

June 26, 2019 - Barcode Scanners, Blog, Handheld RFID Scanners, Industry News, JADAK News, Machine Vision, Machine Vision, News, OEM Barcode Scanners & Components, Product News, RFID, RFID

Syracuse, N.Y. (July 22, 2019) – JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”) will be attending the 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center August 6-8 in Booth #804. There, the company will demo a variety of newly released technology including the

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CUSTOMER STORY: Keonn’s Components Used For Supply Chain Tracking

June 25, 2019 - Blog, Embedded UHF RFID Reader Modules, JADAK News, RFID, RFID Engines, RFID Services

A multinational car manufacturer has implemented RFID portals in its industrial facilities using Keonn’s readers and antennas, to enable real-time traceability for the entire supply chain. The project has been deployed by Maccion, a system integrator specialized in solutions for the industry 4.0. The solution consists of three RFID portals:

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NEWS: Introducing HS-1RL Secure Access Handheld Barcode Scanner

May 28, 2019 - 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner, 2D Handheld Barcode Scanners, Barcode Scanner, Barcode Scanners, Blog, Handheld Barcode Scanners, Industry News, JADAK News, News, Product News, RFID Services

The first product on the market with LF RFID functionality and 1D/2D barcode scanning, made specifically for healthcare   Syracuse, N.Y. (May 30, 2019) – JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”) announces the release of the HS-1RL Secure Access Handheld Barcode Scanner. The HS-1RL integrates 1D and 2D

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Introducing New Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera at Embedded Vision Summit

May 17, 2019 - Blog, Embedded Machine Vision, Machine Vision, Machine Vision, Machine Vision Services, Machine Vision Software, News

Syracuse, N.Y. May 20, 2019 – JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”) announces the release of the Allegro In-Vitro Diagnostic 6MP Smart Camera, a machine vision camera designed specifically to complete standard pre-analytical IVD tasks on a rack of vials. The Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera, along with

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