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Engineer-to-engineer collaboration for custom RFID, barcode, machine vision, light and color measurement solutions.

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Barcode Scanning

Our barcode scanners can be found in more healthcare infusion systems, vital signs monitors, portable glucose meters, and portable glucose analyzers than any other scanner.

Machine Vision

The machine vision experts at JADAK are leaders of installed machine vision solutions for clinical analyzers with decades of experience providing cutting-edge and custom solutions for original equipment manufacturers’s (OEM) critical applications—including in-vitro diagnostics, disposable endoscopy, process control, surgical visualization, robot guidance and more.

ThingMagic® RFID

Powered by JADAK’s world-class ThingMagic® RFID technology, our RFID solutions utilize the broadest low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF/RAIN®) portfolio in the industry.

Printers and Chart Recorders

Reliable, accurate, mobile, and versatile, JADAK printers are exceptionally easy to integrate into existing applications for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), as well as on-site or in-the-field, reducing setup time in critical moments while providing standard and large-format readouts that the Medical and Science fields are accustomed to.

Light and Color Measurement

Photo Research, a JADAK brand, is the world leader in high-precision, research-grade light and color measurement and calibration solutions for screens, projectors, panel displays and lighting components.

Magnetic Stripe Readers

JADAK offers several magnetic stripe reader components optimized for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) designs and products for applications in time clocks, security access, or retail point-of-sale systems, and applications where low-power consumption and high-capacity card reading is required.