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The ET1 Tablet is the ideal Android platform for applications that require tablet computing in an enterprise level design and architecture.  Unlike typical Android platforms that are designed for home use, or at best light office use, the ET1 was designed to meet the rigors of daily use in real-world environments. As part of an enterprise system, the ET1 is a useful tool  used to streamline workflow in any application, especially healthcare. 

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An Enterprise Tablet for Healthcare

In healthcare applications the ET1 enables physicians, nurses and medical personnel to access and update electronic medical records. With features such as multi-user login capability, 1D and 2D barcode scanning, internally encrypted data, and integrated Wi-Fi and Cellular connections, the ET1 can be used within a hospital or in-the-field.

Making the ET1 Even Better

The ET1 is a blank slate waiting for you to adapt it to your application. For those customers needing assistance JADAK is there to help.  JADAK provides a full suite of engineering and project services that make the ET1 even better. Need to mount the ET1 in a custom location?  No problem.  Need someone to write a custom designed application.  We can do it.  Need someone to coordinate testing and work with the FDA on your behalf?  JADAK is uniquely qualified. Talk to JADAK to find out how we can make sure all the pieces and parts of your system are designed to optimize efficiencies and workflow.

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The ET1 is the ideal solution for multiple healthcare applications.

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