Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera

Sony IMX178 6.41MP 6 Megapixel, Full Color, USB/RS-232/Ethernet Smart Camera 

The JADAK Allegro In-Vitro Diagnostic 6MP Smart Camera is the intelligent solution for the IVD Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Specifically designed to perform standard pre-analytical IVD tasks on a rack of vials. The Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera, along with Clarity 3.0 software, can accurately and precisely detect and screen diagnostic samples in a timely manner, thus eliminating waste by conducting tests on incomplete samples and reducing errors typically caused by manual processes.
The Allegro IVD 6MP Smart Camera includes FPGA capabilities, allowing parallel processing of machine vision tasks and onboard CPU, thus improving the throughput of the IVD analyzer. By capturing a high-quality image and executing multiple algorithms on the FPGA and onboard CPU without an additional processor, it will provide actionable data to the analyzer, improving speed, and reducing the errors and costs associated with manual processes.
Furthermore, by utilizing JADAK’s pre-loaded Clarity 3.0 machine vision software, the camera can execute tasks such as liquid level detection, cap classification, barcode decoding on trays or racks and color calibration directly on the camera.

As an added value, JADAK is a MVTec Image Acquisition Partner, allowing customers to use the MVTec suite of software with JADAK’s suite of hardware.


  • Frame Rate up to 60 fps
  • Rolling Shutter
  • 1/1.8-inch sensor format
  • On-board LED illumination
  • Performs pre-analytical tasks on rack on vials/test tubes

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