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SC-6 Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera Series

The SC-6 Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera Series is JADAK’s stand-alone/embedded smart camera solution, capable of image analysis and CLSI barcode scanning, designed for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications that require test tube tracking and analysis.

Highly flexible, the SC-6 solution can be customized to fit unique application requirements such as shifting color range to black and white, optional interfaces and specific designs to order.

This series offers 5 megapixel full color cameras with the M12 mounting configuration designed to fit a wide array of lenses and lens focus adapters for customized client requirements. Equipped with omni-directional scanning and decoding, which allows for scanning barcodes in multiple orientations and angles, the SC-6 series is capable of reading the most popular 1D/2D barcodes and converting paper documents to digital images (8 bit). Additionally, a monochrome imager customization for black and white requirement is available.

Interfacing with the SC-6 offers several options including USB, Ethernet, RS-232, and includes general-purpose input/output (GPIO) onboard capability allowing for maximum flexibility with OEM designers.

The SC-6 Series is compatible with JADAK’s Clarity™ 3.0 Machine Vision Software, the easiest way to develop machine vision applications with little or no machine vision experience.


  • SC-6L Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera: customized enhanced lighting variant of the SC-6 for machine vision applications with increased lighting requirements. 5MP, USB/Ethernet for demanding applications.
  • SC-6V Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera:  designed for use in devices that require stand-alone/embedded machine vision functionality. All machine vision functions are performed on the SC-6V, eliminating the need for an external PC or frame grabber. 5MP, full color, USB/Ethernet, high performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Omni-directional scanning decodes barcodes in multiple orientations and angles
  • Standard M12 optical mount gives flexibility choosing focus lens
  • Solid-state electronics means no moving parts for improved durability
  • Small form factor makes mounting and integration easy
  • LED-based illumination for added safety and reduced power consumption
  • Monochrome or 8-bit color configuration available
  • Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, RS-232, GPIO
  • Compatible with JADAK’s Clarity™ 3.0 Machine Vision Software


  • In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) applications and Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) barcodes
  • Image analysis
  • High-illumination environments
  • Medical devices, including clinical analyzers
  • Manufacturing

The JADAK Difference

With decades of medical and industrial engineering expertise, JADAK is a market leader and primary supplier of custom machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. Our team of advanced-degree engineers become an extension of your team, gain a deep understanding of your application, then, develop and implement a solution that’s a precise fit. All supported by full lifecycle management of your product.