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Tru-Image 2D Imager

In the mid-1980’s, Photo Research pioneered the first commercially available 2D imaging colorimeter, the PR-900.  Since then, this technology has become an essential solution for reducing the time it takes to analyze devices requiring a multitude of measurements, such as automotive and aerospace displays / clusters with time savings being realized in the R&D, QC and production spaces.  The Tru-Image™ series of 2D imaging colorimeters are Reference grade, High Resolution, High-Speed (color measurements in under 4 seconds total cycle time) solutions at an extremely compelling value.

The Tru-Image TRU8 Imaging Colorimeter features:

  • Low noise, thermoelectrically-cooled detector
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • High-speed CIE filter wheel
  • High quality objective lens (custom lens configurations available)


Included in the price of each Tru-Image solution is an updated version of VideoWin 3 Pro software, a versatile Windows based control and analysis application that provides functionality designed to take the difficulty out of your measurement tasks. Features include:

  • Automatic average, min and max luminance of characters
  • Matrix color correction
  • User calibration to UUT
  • Export to Excel
  • Fiducial registration
  • Unlimited number of Areas of Regard (analysis regions) – Rectangular, ellipsoidal or polygonal
  • Pseudo color display
  • 3D luminance
  •  Line profiling
  • Spatial analysis
  • Automatic integration with PRI spectroradiometers for sample matrix calibration
  • Auto Shape Find
  •  Macro programming

Measuring Capabilities

  • Luminance (Average, min., max.)
  • CIE 1931 x,y, CIE 1976 u’v’,
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • L*a*b*
  • ΔE*
  • Dominant wavelength

The JADAK Difference

With decades of medical and industrial engineering expertise, JADAK is a market leader and primary supplier of custom machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. Our team of advanced-degree engineers become an extension of your team, gain a deep understanding of your application, then, develop and implement a solution that’s a precise fit. All supported by full lifecycle management of your product.