FlexTap HS-1RL Handheld LF RFID Reader and Barcode Scanner

1D/2D Handheld Barcode Scanner with LF Prox RFID

FlexTap is an extension to the JADAK RFID hand scanner product line. The HS1-RL model integrates barcode scanning with Low Frequency RFID card reading functionality into a single, ergonomic, and compact design. This allows clinicians at the point-of-care to use their LF/HID Prox ID badges for fast access and secure device log-in while also capturing barcode data, such as patient wristbands or drug barcode information, with a single device. Comprised of medical grade materials, the JADAK line of hand scanners combine dual technologies for many healthcare applications including:

  • patient identification
  • clinician login and identification
  • pharmaceutical/drug tracking
  • digital signature capture


JADAK provides a full suite of support and services for the HS-1R, including cost effective ways to adapt the HS-1R to meet your specific needs. Just ask us!

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