RFID Services


JADAK has the broadest range of ThingMagic HF and UHF RFID products in the market. Let us help you with our RFID Design Services and Expertise.

What are the benefits of RFID? Should I use HF or UHF?  There are many questions surrounding the use of RFID, and implementing a robust RFID system, especially one integrated into an OEM device, requires a flexible, dedicated and experienced partner with deep knowledge of RFID technologies.

RFID technology has emerged over the last decade as an efficient means of detecting and tracking retail products, medical consumables, airline baggage and many other types of tangible goods. RFID can be used where line of sight to the object being tracked is not available or desired, or when data stored on the object requires modification by the reader.  Having designed, customized and integrated LF, HF, and UHF RFID solutions into a wide range of OEM devices, JADAK has industry leading experience and knowledge to ensure your RFID project runs smoothly.

Custom RFID Solutions

Enterprise organizations are often challenged with unique requirements when designing and deploying an RFID solution. With a focus on open, standards-based RFID readers, sensors, and other embedded and low cost computing technologies, we are committed to providing customers with the products and architectural guidance to succeed.

Our product architecture provides a future-proof choice, accommodating evolving RFID standards, new RFID tags, security advancements, and other system and technology innovation. We’ve developed our products for the most demanding high volume applications. Our consulting and design services consistently exceed the needs of clients with seemingly impossible sensor and embedded technology related challenges. Whether you are investigating RFID for the first time or have an evolved RFID practice, we have the products, expertise and experience to help you develop applications, deploy solutions and optimize performance.

Our solutions capabilities include systems design, RFID hardware (readers, tags, antennas), integration with third-party systems, and installation and maintenance services.

An RFID system is composed of various parts, including: transponders (also called tags or labels) and interrogators (also called readers or coupling devices). The first step in any system design is to understand the application and requirements. Utilizing a technology agnostic approach, our system engineers will work with you to determine if RFID is the right data collection technology to meet your needs. From there, JADAK offers an extensive list of RFID services to complement and benefit our customers.

Our RFID Services Include:

  • RFID Hardware (Readers & Modules)
  • RFID Antenna Design
  • RFID Tag Selection, Design and Protocol Integration
  • RFID Product Qualification, including Agency Certifications
  • Communication Interface Design
  • Overall Product or Systems Design
  • Integration with Third-Party Systems

Our Operational Services Include:

Once a product is designed and moves into the manufacturing phase, JADAK also provides operational services for our RFID products, such as:

  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Revision Controls
  • Manufacturing Unit-Level Testing and Quality Controls
  • Inventory Programs
  • Installation and Maintenance Services


JADAK has a long track record of successful deployments in the RFID industry in environments ranging from medical manufacturing to distribution centers to shopping carts and pickup trucks. But don’t just take our word for it. For more information, check out the following  case studies, videos, webinars and white papers. Or contact us to discuss your specific application needs.


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