RFID Personnel Tracking

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Keeping track of personnel, especially in remote or hazardous areas, can be extremely challenging, yet is critical for safety and efficiency. Whether it is knowing where the nearest doctor is in a hospital, or where a fallen oil rig worker is in real time, the latest RFID solutions from SkyeTek can track personnel when other technologies like GPS cannot.


SkyeTek’s RFID solutions for personnel tracking help with:

  • Visibility – know where your staff is at all times to maximize efficiency
  • Area Control – alert workers and managers if workers enter a hazardous area or leave a safe area
  • Responsive – instantly locate a worker who is fallen or injured

RFID as a Feature

SkyeTek provides a cost-effective, end-to-end embedded RFID solution for personnel tracking that leverages network communications, allowing organizations to enhance the safety and security of their workers.  Our RFID solutions provide tracking capabilities where Global-Positioning-Satellites cannot work alone, such as oil rigs, refineries, and production facilities. In addition, embedded sensors can detect falls, chemical emissions, or other important events and trigger appropriate action by emergency responders and other support staff.  SkyeTek’s small, high performance RFID readers and advanced software can be used in a broad range of situations.

For example:

  • Facility Personnel Tracking in potentially hazardous environment that pose complex challenges to traditional tracking technologies such as GPS, tailored specifically to meet the location accuracy and functional demands of a particular facility.
  • Lone Worker-Personnel Tracking to ensure the safety of workers in the field, including detecting a man-downed via motion or accelerometer sensors, capture panic events via push button or audible functionality, and provide bi-directional messages in the form of LED displays and vibration.
  • Evacuation systems must be able to perform headcounts in the real-world and provide accurate locations of workers missing from a work location, allowing emergency responders to effectively locate and rescue these individuals.

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