SkyeModule™ Gemini (HF)

SkyeModule Gemini 300x300

The SkyeModule™ Gemini marks the next generation of SkyeTek HF reader modules. The Gemini is a low-cost, and ultra-low power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module. A cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and latest HF transceiver technology coupled with the reader’s intelligent operating system make this module the most versatile HF RFID module at the bottom tier price point. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, quality is always a top priority.

The Gemini module’s support for the secure MIFARE family of tags offer a low-cost and robust method of authentication for consumables, making the Gemini ideal for medical, ticketing, security or safety applications. At about the size of a matchbook, this module can be fit into almost any new or existing OEM design. The Gemini module is also well suited for battery powered and other power sensitive applications because of the low power features including software stand-by mode and deep sleep mode.

The Gemini is the same size and form factor as SkyeTek’s popular M1 module. The Gemini module connector is updated to match the Common Blade Interface and can connect to the same interface board as any of the Common Blade devices (M2, M4, M7, M9 and M10). In addition, a micro USB port is available for direct connection to a USB host as well as an antenna output for an external antenna.


  • 13.56MHz HF RFID
  • Optional Keyboard Wedge Firmware
  • Small Footprint: 40x38mm
  • Reads and writes to transponders based on ISO14443A
  • Crypto1 MIFARE Classic authentication
  • Wide input power supply range: 2 to 5.5V
  • Sleep mode current down to 10uA
  • Easy migration to and from the SkyeModule M2 and SkyeModule M4
  • Supported host interfaces include USB, TTL level RS232, SPI, I2C
  • AES authentication for Mifare Plus Tags




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