SkyeModule™ M2 (HF)

SkyeModule M2

The SkyeModule™ M2 is the industry’s most secure multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs and was designed specifically for encrypted authentication across a range of vertical markets.

Based on the same security standards used by the U.S. Department of Defense and financial sector, the SkyeModule M2 provides rich HF tag/protocol support and optimal performance for RFID embedded applications.

Key Benefits

  • Security: Based on best-in-class cryptographic standards, the SkyeModule M2 provides secure support for generic tags, saving customers 60–70% compared to tags that use proprietary security.
  • Investment Protection: An open, flexible architecture that is forward compatible and highly scalable, it provides unparalleled investment protection.
  • Superior Embeddabilty: The SkyModule M2’s small size and intelligent software eases integration and provides customers with a significant cost-performance advantage.



  • Standardized encryption algorithms (DES, 3DES, and AES)
  • Secure hash functions (SHA and MD5)
  • Internal Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG)
  • Support for proprietary encryption, such as Mifare and CryptoRF
  • Support for future algorithms via on-board 7816 slot
  • Peripheral devices for encryption algorithms and key storage

Investment Protection:

  • Tagnostic™ support for more ISO 15693 and 14443 A/B tags than any other comparable reader.
  • TagIQ™ recognizes the unique characteristics of each tag so that read/write performance is maximized.
  • Common Blade form factor shares the same size, connection method, and software interface as the SkyeModule M9 UHF reader, optimizing design and solution flexibility.
  • Firmware and ReaderDNA licensing allows customers to manufacture modules at cost.

Superior Embeddabilty:

  • Miniscule footprint – 49% smaller than a standard-size business card
  • Simple and intuitive API
  • Best-in-class output power (200mW) and power management
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Software Adjustable Host Interfaces: UART (TTL), SPI, USB
  • Seven General Purpose I/O




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