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ThingMagic® M2 HF Embedded RFID Module

JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module
JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module JADAK’s M2 HF Embedded RFID Module

The ThingMagic® M2 HF Embedded RFID Module is JADAK’s premium multi-protocol RFID module designed for OEMs who build for high privacy protection, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-tampering applications like the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry, and require complete customizable control over how data is shared.

The M2 is powerful enough to read and write to any transponder based on ISO 14443 (parts 2, 3, and 4) and ISO 15693 communication standards; and securely encrypts and transmits using Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple-DES, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), MD5, and an internal Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG).

Despite its powerful security features, the M2 has a minimal footprint and can fit into most new or existing OEM designs. It is outfitted with 7 General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins with other available interfaces including USB 2.0, and Common Blade Interface; software adjustable host interfaces UART (TTL), SPI and I2C; and the capability to attach an external antenna for greater read range.

Features and Benefits

  • ThingMagic® secure support for generic tags reduce costs up to 60-70% compared to proprietary security features
  • Open flexible architecture protects future investment
  • Designed for rapid and seamless integration
  • ISO14443 and ISO15693 air interface protocol support
  • TagIQ™ recognizes the unique characteristics of each tag so that read/write performance is maximized
  • Standard encryption algorithms: (DES, 3DES, and AES), secure functions (SHA And MD5), and an internal pseudo-random number generator (PRNG)


  • In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD): automatically ID test kits, samples, reagents and other consumables
  • Kiosks and vending Machines
  • Mobile devices including printers, handhelds and sensor networks

The JADAK Difference

With decades of medical and industrial engineering expertise, JADAK is a market leader and primary supplier of custom machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. Our team of advanced-degree engineers become an extension of your team, gain a deep understanding of your application, then, develop and implement a solution that’s a precise fit. All supported by full lifecycle management of your product.