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ThingMagic® M6e UHF RAIN RFID

JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID
JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID

ThingMagic UHF RAIN RFID Module Series offers powerful embeddable RFID technology intended for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) designing for a broad range of applications in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries, Point of Sale Devices, Security Access Points, Mobile Devices, Kiosks, Vending Machines, and Tag Commissioning Stations.

The ThingMagic M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID Module is JADAK’s full-sized 4-port reader solution designed to fulfill a compact embeddable form intended for surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). ThingMagic M6e is well suited for applications with the most demanding challenges requiring the greatest power and flexibility, while offering improved development time-to-market advantages.

The M6e supports four 50 Ω MMCX antenna ports with a powerful read range of 30 ft (9 m), a wide command adjustable RF output range of 5 dBm to +31.5 dBm (0.01 dB steps), two separate read and write levels and reads at a rate up to 750 tags/sec.

Supporting the EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) standard, the M6e is globally compatible utilizing full access to the 860–960 MHz RFID Carrier Frequency Range, with optional RFID protocol support for: AEI ATA, ISO 18000-6B, and IP-X.

The M6e interfaces with host using USB 2.0 and UART and supports board-to-board and board-to-host connectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports full 860–960 MHz ultra high frequency bandwidth
  • Exceptional range for size, 9 meters
  • High-capacity read rate, up to 750 tags/sec
  • Supports EPC Gen2V2 and ISO 18000-63 standard with optional license for IPX and ISO 18K-6B protocols (Gen2 standard)
  • Configured for multiple regions, such as FCC (North & South America), ETSI (European Union) and other regions including India, China, Korea, Australia and Japan

Product Specific Applications

  • Inventory management: automatically track mobile assets in the healthcare facility
  • Surgical tools tracking: track tools at the cart, tray or item level, ensure kits are filled out properly, and maintain sterilization records for tools

The JADAK Difference

With decades of medical and industrial engineering expertise, JADAK is a market leader and primary supplier of custom machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. Our team of advanced-degree engineers become an extension of your team, gain a deep understanding of your application, then, develop and implement a solution that’s a precise fit. All supported by full lifecycle management of your product.