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ThingMagic® Universal Reader Assistant

The Universal Reader Assistant (URA) is JADAK’s cross-product demo tool which provides a robust and quick interaceface for ThingMagic® RFID readers. The URA, customizable with little programming knowledge, is built using the Mercury API and grants access to several adjustable functions for the RFID reader, including:

  1. Read/Write Options control read time, tag filtering, antenna detection and selection
  2. Performance Metrics displays number of unique tags, read rate, and tag responses
  3. Performance Tuning allows fine-tuning control of read power (in dBm), read rate, read distance, tag population size, and tag response rate
  4. Display Options control font-size, time-stamp format, and EPC format, with additional columns for customization
  5. Reader Diagnostics accesses reader information, firmware and hardware versions
  6. Data Extension controls tag stream over TCP port or posting to HTTP site
  7. Firmware Update controls reader updates through simple uploading

The JADAK Difference

With decades of medical and industrial engineering expertise, JADAK is a market leader and primary supplier of custom machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. Our team of advanced-degree engineers become an extension of your team, gain a deep understanding of your application, then, develop and implement a solution that’s a precise fit. All supported by full lifecycle management of your product.

Features and Benefits

  • Small Size, Low Power Consumption and PCI Express Interface for Mobile Applications
  • Fast Integration and Time-to-Market
  • Cost-Effective and Highly Scalable
  • Compatible with Most Tags


  • Mobile Computing Applications (Tablets, Handhelds)
  • Fixed OEM Applications