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CASE STUDY: RFID for a safer school environment

JADAK and Microtron: Partners in RFID solutions

Company: Fairville partners with cities and municipalities to strengthen social engagement and local loyalty through digitization and innovation, with a focus on local economy, sustainability and mobility.

Challenges: To create a safer school environment. Prior to implementation of the “Buck-e” program, there was traffic congestion that created an unsafe and unhealthy environment for dropping off and picking up school children.

Solution: Reward school children for riding their bicycles to school. RFID tags were affixed to the childrens’ bicycles and each time they rode through the school gate, a special custom-designed RFID cabinet containing a fixed reader would log the arrival of that child. As a reward for riding their bikes to school, the kids receive crypto coins that they can use at local stores or fair.

Technology: The JADAK Sargas Fixed Mount UHF/RAIN Reader was chosen for this project due to a few key benefits:

  • Compact size
  • A full open Linux OS allowed the customer to develop embedded software without any limitations
  • The customer was pleased by the well documented and easily accessible API to develop their software

Benefits: In addition to reducing traffic and creating a safer environment, the children are getting more exercise and are helping to drive the local economy. Since the program inception, over 20,000 children across 200 schools are participating, having travelled over 403,000 miles (650.000 km) and burned over 12 million calories together. Additionally, CO2 emissions across the region have been reduced by roughly 650.000 kg.