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CASE STUDY: Silent Partner Technologies uses RFID for emergency medicine inventory tracking

Silent Partner Technologies (SPT), an RFID system developer specializing in asset and inventory management, reached out to JADAK to provide integrated RFID readers. SPT was designing an RFID system for Emergency Medical Services, as well as fire and other first responder providers, to manage their inventory. SPT designed a system called IntelliView, placing RFID readers and antennas inside vehicles to create “smart” vehicles, rooms, and/or shelves (SmartShelves).

RFID tags are then placed directly on equipment or medical supplies, which are then stored on a shelf, vehicle or in a bag/pelican case. This enables emergency medical providers to quickly identify what supplies are available and their exact location, simplifying replenishment and drastically improving the ability to find and pull items based on recalls or expiration.