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CASE STUDY: Iris Diagnostics uses RFID for authentication of certified reagent formula

Iris Diagnostics (a division of Beckman Coulter, NYSE: BEC), a California manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices, wanted to integrate an RFID-based authentication system into its iQ200 Automated Urinalysis System to ensure that only the certified reagent formula Lamina, which Iris produces, is used with the machine.

The company decided to develop an authentication system to protect against counterfeit reagents. If a counterfeit reagent were introduced to the Iris urinalysis system, it could raise serious safety and financial concerns for the company. If counterfeit reagents were used, Iris Diagnostics would not be able to verify the validity of the urinalysis test results. This could pose a serious threat to patients, since it could lead to a misdiagnosis based on faulty test results thus requiring patients to revisit hospitals and have tests rerun. To avoid the potential financial and reputation impact of counterfeit reagents to the company, Iris proactively reached out to JADAK to identify an RFID solution.