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CASE STUDY: RFID for train car location and tracking

Brought to you by JADAK and Microtron: Partners in RFID Solutions

Company: Rail Service Network (RSN) specializes in innovative Mobile Rail Solutions and provides maintenance and repairs for train cars and locomotives.

Challenges: The trains are spread out over almost 4 miles (6km) of track and were difficult to locate for repairs and maintenance.

Solution: All train cars were equipped with an RFID tag and JADAK IZAR RFID readers were placed at multiple locations along the tracks. Combined with smart user software, this allows RSN to quickly retrieve the correct location of a train car.

Technology: The JADAK IZAR Fixed Mount UHF/RAIN Reader was chosen for this project due to a few key benefits:

  • A full open Linux OS allowed the customer to develop embedded software without any limitations
  • The customer was pleased by the well documented and easily accessible API to develop their software

Benefits: Thanks to the JADAK RFID solution, RSN is now able to quickly find the cars, resulting in significant time savings and maximizing staff time and effort. RSN is also ensured of a future
proof system that can evolve as they do.