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WHITE PAPER: RFID and cyber security issues

This white paper focuses on the simpler, low-cost EPC tags that are used increasingly to bring new efficiency to commercial supply chains—serving as a 21st-century evolution of bar codes. As implementations of RFID technology of this type become more widespread, ambitious, and ubiquitous, they create new potential data security threats, new concerns among consumers, and new misconceptions.

This paper explores the key types of data security threats raised by RFID and highlights possible solutions using the capabilities defined by the EPCglobal (the RFID industry standards group) Class 1 Generation 2 standard, known as Gen 2. It explores the current data security needs and suggests best practices for optimizing the capabilities of Gen 2. It also looks beyond Gen 2 to envision new data security capabilities. And it highlights and evaluates several recent news stories about RFID data security.