JADAK manufactures our products and customer specific solutions.  Whether you need a small adjustment to one of our reference platforms or a new product from scratch, our engineering services combined with our manufacturing capabilities will help you make your next machine vision, data collection or RFID project a success.

Six Sigma Principles:

JADAK’s Manufacturing Operation is built on a foundation of Lean Six Sigma principles.  More than just utilizing common “catch phrases” and “buzz words,” JADAK has built its Operation from the ground up on Six Sigma principles.  It is the way we do business and how we differentiate ourselves.

JADAK Manufacturing is flexible enough to support each customer’s unique needs but organized and operated to deliver world class quality on your schedule.

Our principles serve as our guide to ensure our customers get the best out of our organization. These principles make JADAK more productive, while delivering the solutions that work for you.

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Our Six Sigma principles:

(1) Perfect the First Time

This is JADAK’s manufacturing quest for zero defects, achieved by revealing and solving problems in real-time and right at the source. This cuts down on wasted time during quality inspection at the end of the production process and increases efficiency.

How do we achieve perfect first-time quality?  Through the provision of experienced engineers with the freedom and desire to do the right thing and dedicated to identifying solutions.

The end result of our first principle is reduced time spent checking for product defects or organization faults, because all problems are addressed before they become significant.

(2) Get rid of waste

Our goal is to minimize waste and eliminate activities or departments that do not add significant value and safety nets for the company. This means the company’s resources (people, capital and land) are put to better use, while simultaneously reducing costly mistakes and rework.

(3) Never ending pursuit of the best

JADAK’s focus on continuous improvement places us in constant pursuit of finding the best way to do a task, reduce cost and improve the product or work quality.  Any suggestions for improvement are examined and, if proven to make the system more efficient, implemented quickly.  Information and tested knowledge govern our decisions, and we proliferate this knowledge throughout our team on a daily basis using visual management and multidisciplinary stand up meetings. At JADAK, accountability and improvement are key.

(4) Flexibility

Flexibility requires foresight from management and a keen sense of our customer’s needs. Flexibility means producing a mix or variety of products quickly without sacrificing quality, even at low volumes of productions.

JADAK is able to follow this principle by having a highly functioning team within a scalable organization, while simultaneously monitoring  demand and market changes.  Our organization is flexible enough to adjust for any increase in volume or to make a new products in a short cycle. We expect the unexpected and make plans that allow us to handle changes with grace, so our customers can focus on growth rather than their supply chain.

(5) Pull not push

Pull processing means that the products are pulled from the consumer end, not pushed from the production end.  We have years of experience in setting up and managing pull systems, and we use them throughout our supply chain to ensure inventories are minimized while offering a high service level to our customers. This ensure that we can meet your build schedules.

We have also evolved a lean development model, whereby JADAK develops tools capable of solving our customers problems before you need them.  In addition to meeting your development schedule and product needs, it minimizes the risk of quality issues from the start.  Proven solutions means less risk, faster commercialization, and more reward.

(6) It’s all about relationships

JADAK’s last manufacturing principle dictates the importance of building and maintaining a positive, long-term relationship with our suppliers/ partners/ customers through different management tactics, like collaborative risk sharing, information sharing and cost sharing arrangements.


Following our Six Sigma Principles will enable our company and yours to grow together, achieve greater efficiency and look forward to the possibility of more opportunities with our partners and customers.



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