SkyeTek joins JADAK bringing extensive RFID technology and platform depth to JADAK’s RFID offerings

JADAK proudly announces the acquisition of SkyeTek… 

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JADAK acquires SkyeTek…

Below is the video transcript.

SkyeTek, an industry leader in RFID solutions for a wide range of applications across multiple industries.

JADAK proudly announces that SkyeTek is now part of the JADAK family.

RFID provides the features, flexibility, and cost savings to solve challenging data collection problems. SkyeTek’s RFID technologies and advanced software applications along with their engineering, design and deployment services, creates an offering that provides complete and reliable solutions for these data collection needs.  This total solution approach is how JADAK has always done business and makes SkyeTek a perfect fit.

The acquisition of SkyeTek, their products and technologies, adds tremendous depth to JADAK’s already powerful RFID offering. These expanded RFID capabilities means powerful Auto-ID solutions that include:

RFID for… Access Control

– workers and guests can obtain access to secure areas and equipment after presenting the proper credentials

RFID for… Asset Management

– track the usage, maintenance, and status of all of your fixed and mobile assets throughout the company

RFID for… Contactless Payment

– allow credit card payments to be taken with a quick, simple, and secure tap

RFID for… Inventory Management

– monitor your supply chain and inventory levels in all of your locations to decrease out of stock conditions and increase sales

RFID for… Patient Safety

– ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed access to certain patients and tools, and never lose track of medical records of bio samples

RFID for… Patient and Visitor Management

– gain important marketing insight for your patients and visitors while building brand loyalty

RFID for… Personnel Tracking 

– Identitfy workers in hazardous areas, reduce potential injuries, and shorten search and rescue time

RFID for… Product Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting  

– verify accessories, products and consumables to ensure they are genuine articles, protecting your revenue stream

No other company offers the wide range of RFID solutions that JADAK does.

To learn more about JADAK and our complete range of RFID solutions click the email link below or visit the contact us section of our web site at for contact information at all our international locations.

This is Mark Waterman, Director of Design at JADAK saying, thanks for watching.



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