We are a Novanta Company

Technical Support

At JADAK, we have specific areas of expertise in each of the technologies that we offer, therefore, below you will find different contact information for each technology.  Please review the options below and choose which one is most appropriate for you.  If you don’t know, just reach out to JADAKService@jadaktech.com and we’ll help direct you from there.

RFID Technical Support

For RFID technical support email: RFID-support@jadaktech.com

Machine Vision, Barcode, Printer and Photo Research Technical Support

For machine vision, barcode and printer technical support email: support@jadaktech.com

Return, Repair and Calibration

Using the appropriate form below, please complete all information and submit to JADAK for review. A representative will contact you shortly to confirm and process your request.

Machine Vision, RFID, Barcode  and Printers RMA form

Photo Research RMA form


Looking to recycle your JADAK parts or products? JADAK is a participant in the WEEE Directive.

For more information email us at weee@jadaktech.com.