NEWS – ThingMagic Enhances Sargas RAIN RFID Reader

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ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, Enhances the

Sargas RAIN RFID Reader to Simplify System Integration


RAINstream and Protocol Licenses Added in the Field Using Mercury API



SYRACUSE, N.Y. March 8, 2017 – ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, recently introduced enhancements for its ThingMagic® Sargas 2-port UHF RFID Reader. The new features implement support for additional RFID protocols, RAINstream application to simplify data integration, and features to ease the integration of the reader into existing systems.

The enhancements include:

  • Additional RFID Reader Protocols to Support Vertical Applications

In addition to the standard EPC Gen2 version 2 (ISO 18000-63: 2015) protocols, the ThingMagic Sargas RAIN readers now support the AEI ATA, IP-X and ISO 18000-6B protocols. The AEI (Automatic Equipment Identification) and ATA (American Trucking Association) protocols are primarily used in railroad and trucking applications.

  • RAINstream On-Reader ApplicationTag data can be sent to a backend processing system using any of several protocols including TCP, HTTP POST, a serial connection, emulating a keyboard or to a file on a USB drive. In each case the tag data format is the same.

RAINstream is a licensable on-reader application for the Sargas reader that eliminates the middleware between the RFID reader and the backend processing system. “By installing the license key, users can write their own script software to obtain tag data from the reader. No reader control is required and the script can be as small as a half dozen lines of code,” said Harinath Reddy, Director of RFID Innovation, at JADAK.

  • Real-Time Clock Functionality

The reader now supports both on-board RTC (Real Time Clock) hardware and NTP (Network Time Protocol) server functionality. Operators can use the Thunderbolt® NTP Time Server to provide accurate network time to a large number of Sargas readers. When the reader is disconnected from the network or power source, the RTC hardware retains time information for roughly 48 hours.

  • On-reader RFID Demo with Wedge Data Format

The keyboard wedge presents tag information from the reader as if it were entered from a keyboard or keypad. The capability enables developers to rapidly integrate RFID into existing designs and systems without the need to re-write system code.

  • Web User Interface Improvements

Improvements to the Sargas reader built-in web User Interface (UI) extend diagnostic features to simplify reader setup, demonstration and debug. Other improvements include enhanced status reporting and configuration to support new features.

  • Link-Link Support

The link-link functionality enables network connection between a reader and computer in the absence of network infrastructure. Developers can connect the Sargas reader to the network port on a laptop without a network switch.

  • Availability  

The new protocols are accessed via the license key system built into the Mercury API (applications programming interface).


JADAK, a Novanta company (NASDA: NOVT), specializes in machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures embedded solutions that help customers solve unique inspection, tracking, scanning and documenting challenges. Since 2000, JADAK has focused on the health care market, and today is the leading provider of embedded solutions for medical device manufacturers. As JADAK continues to grow, the company has branched out into additional markets and offers solutions for the most demanding applications. JADAK’s headquarters and manufacturing are located in Syracuse, New York, with sales and technical locations across the globe. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered. Contact:  John Prior, Director of Marketing (315) 218-1359

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