NEWS – ThingMagic Updates Firmware & API

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ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, Introduces New Capabilities and Enhanced Development Tools for UHF RFID Reader Modules


Updated firmware and API provide improved functionality and add support

for Raspberry Pi* and Arduino* prototyping platforms.


SYRACUSE, N.Y. March 8, 2017 – ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, recently introduced new capabilities for its ThingMagic® UHF RFID reader modules. The release includes upgraded module firmware and expanded functions for the Mercury API (applications programming interface). The new features make it easier for developers to control the reader and provide more flexibility in how the reader module can be used. Other enhancements improve reader throughput, add license key support and implement changes required for Israel radio regulations.


The new features include:

  • Support for Raspberry Pi*, Arduino* and “Bare Metal” Processors

Support has been added for “bare metal” processors — simple micro-controllers that do not have an operating system. Implementation examples are now provided for popular prototyping platforms, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms. The change provides flexibility for hardware integrators and enables more experimentation in academic environments.

  • License Keys

New extensions to handle license keys on the reader module enable additional applications to be loaded onto the reader module. Additionally, the Mercury API has been extended to allow license keys to be added programmatically via the API. As a result, developers can add application enhancements remotely without touching the hardware or software configuration. 

  • Increased Reader Control

The update includes several enhancements to provide developers with better control of reader functionality, such as:

– Increased number of logical antennas that may be used by a reader using external hardware control.

– Gen 2 EPC truncation can increase read rates, enabling the reader to handle more tags per second.

– Save/Restore of radio hop table and hop time to avoid interference. The feature works in conjunction with country-specific radio regulations.

– Configurable metadata fields enable the reader module to send only metadata required by the application, resulting in reduced bandwidth usage and increased throughput.

– Tag filtering using selectable EPC length provides additional defense against “ghost tags” and helps remove these errors from UHF RFID reader systems.

– “On-the-fly” control of reader parameters, enabling developers to adapt reader performance quickly without stopping, reconfiguring and restarting the reader.

-Duty cycle control, which increases thermal stability of module under control of host system (external computer or microcontroller) to allow a tighter packaging of reader and wider range of operating environments.

  • Device- and Region-Specific Updates

The 4-port M6e reader module has been revised to include specific support for radio regulation requirements for Israel. Additionally, the AEI ATA Protocol Decoder is now available on M6e and Micro modules.

  • Universal Reader Assistant (URA)

The URA software tool has been modified to support wizard-based workflows. Improvements include automatic detection of configuration, picklist selection of parameters and persistence across sessions.

  • Availability

The new module firmware and Mercury API are available now.

“The upgraded module firmware and expanded functions improve developer and user ease for better control and greater flexibility, as well as greater throughput,” said Harinath Reddy, Director of RFID Innovation, at JADAK.

About RFID Reader Modules 

RFID reader modules save development cost and reduce time-to-market for OEMs and hardware integrators. In product development, a reader module eliminates the difficult and specialized engineering associated with RF (Radio Frequency) circuit design and air protocol design. The modules include compliance with ISO 18000-63 (GS1 EPS Gen 2V2) or LLRP (GS1 Low Level Reader Protocol).

About the Mercury API

The Mercury API is common on all ThingMagic RFID reader modules. Using a common API reduces development cost and complexity across multiple projects where OEMs and hardware integrators may be using different reader modules. The Mercury API supports Java, C++ and C programming environments.

*Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

*Arduino, an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects, was developed by Arduino, a computer hardware and software company. For more information, visit


JADAK, a Novanta company (NASDA: NOVT), specializes in machine vision, RFID, barcode, printing, and color and light measurement products and services for original equipment manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures embedded solutions that help customers solve unique inspection, tracking, scanning and documenting challenges. Since 2000, JADAK has focused on the health care market, and today is the leading provider of embedded solutions for medical device manufacturers. As JADAK continues to grow, the company has branched out into additional markets and offers solutions for the most demanding applications. JADAK’s headquarters and manufacturing are located in Syracuse, New York, with sales and technical locations across the globe. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered. For more information, visit or  John Prior, Director of Marketing (315) 218-1359

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