NEWS – Zortag announces collaboration with JADAK

November 21, 2013 - JADAK News, News, Product News


Zortag announces collaboration with JADAK to authenticate medical products anytime, anywhere

Great Neck, New York, Nov 12, 2013 – Zortag, a provider of anti-counterfeiting solutions to allow authentication of any product at any time and from anywhere, has announced a collaboration with JADAK, a leading provider of scanning and inspection systems to the healthcare industry.

Zortag’s patented and patent pending ZorSecure™ system comprising of two-dimensional barcodes and unique three-dimensional (3D) material fingerprints will provide medical companies with peace of mind and with assurance about the integrity of their supply chain from manufacturing to the end customer. Because this 3D fingerprint is randomly generated and distinctly linked to the specific product, it is impossible for anyone to replicate this unique 3D fingerprint. Even Zortag itself is unable to recreate an identical fingerprint. These fingerprints are stored in a secure database and can be instantly read by smart phones or imager based devices. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into the medical supply chain, medical devices, or specifically associated to a medical device itself, assuring secure track-n-trace. No other known method or system to prevent counterfeiting is capable of doing this.

“Most of the current authentication technologies are generic. Generic technologies can be copied, duplicated, or reverse engineered. These technologies do not provide a comprehensive solution and have severe limitations. Zortag’s solution is the industry’s first and only solution that provides the unparalleled power and capability to check on the authenticity of products to both consumers and businesses at any time and at any place in the world. Tailored to medical products brand owners, our solution is unprecedented and unique. It protects brand integrity, increases the top and bottom lines, improves customer satisfaction, reduces warranty expenses, prevents grey market diversion, and prevents counterfeiting and product overruns by contract manufacturers,” stated Dr. Satya Sharma, CEO of Zortag. He continued, “By partnering with JADAK we are able to bring the benefits of Zortag’s anti-counterfeiting technology to the healthcare market.”

“Counterfeit medical products and devices pose a risk for human health. Due to the large number of channels through which these products are placed in the market, it is difficult to prevent the introduction of counterfeit products into the marketplace. For many years our customers have been looking for ways to combat counterfeiting that didn’t involve expensive lab testing or third party validation. With the ZorSecure™ technology, JADAK can provide our medical customers a cost effective and robust authentication system that solves the anti-counterfeiting challenge.” stated David Miller, CEO of JADAK LLC.

About Zortag:

Zortag is headquartered in Great Neck, New York, with offices in Mexico, India, and China. Zortag is a technology pioneer in creating solutions to prevent counterfeiting. The brainchild of some of the world’s most formidable technical and business leaders who were pioneers in the development of the Auto Identification (Auto-ID) industry, Zortag provides a full turn-key solution for brand owners and governments to prevent counterfeiting. Zortag’s broad solution is applicable to a large variety of sectors, including commercial enterprises, financial institutions, cultural asset facilities, and governmental entities. ZorSecure is the most effective, unparalleled, and inexpensive way to securitize a brand. The website provides more information on the company and the solution. For more information, go to The statements made by Zortag may be forward looking and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward –looking statements describe Zortag’s future plans, projections, strategies, and expectations and are based on assumptions and involve a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of Zortag.

About JADAK:

Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, JADAK is a manufacturer of data collection technologies with a proven record of providing product and system solutions for medical companies requiring barcode, RFID, machine vision and camera based technologies. Utilizing a flexible, customer centric approach supported by wide range of capabilities, JADAK has established itself as a strategic partner for today’s top Healthcare companies. Go to for more information.


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